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Though, Mathematics is called the “Queen of all Sciences”, ironically, there is no Nobel prize in Mathematics. The reason mentioned by Nobel was that mathematics is not a practical science. Though there is no Nobel prize, many mathematicians have won the same. The British philosopher –logician Bertrand Russell won the Nobel prize for literature in 1950.

Here I have given different opinions and views about why nobel prize is not given for mathematics?

  • Actually, nobel prize has as its underlying policy of rewarding such monumental works which affect the lives of people practically.
    even in the field of physics or chemistry if some piece of work has got no practical significance it is not rewarded..like einstein got his prize 4 xplaining photoelectric effect n not 4 theory of relativity which was undoubtedly his greatest work.mathmeticians are also awarded nobel prize if their theory is of supreme practical significane.4 example,john nash was given the prize in economics 4 his work on the game theory
  • Fields Prize - The Nobel Prize of Mathematics
    Fields Medal is the top international scientific prize regarded as the Nobel Prize of mathematics. Founded at the behest of Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields, the medal was first awarded in 1936 . The International Mathematical Union (IMU) awards between two and four medals every four years during the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM). They are awarded every four years by the International Mathematical Union to one or more outstanding researchers.The Fields Medal is widely viewed as the top honor a mathematician can receive. It comes with a monetary award, which in 2006 was US$13,400. Also, the monetary award is much lower than the roughly US$1.3 million given with each Nobel prize.
  • Nobel prizes were created in the will of the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel. In fact, his will speaks of prizes for those "inventions or discoveries" of greatest practical benefit to mankind. Though its true that Literature falls under a similar catagory(unlike mathematics which has no direct implication) BUT with a BIG DIFFERENCE. i.e., it can phychologically effect human behaviour and attitude towards various aspects of mankind. Ex: a prose/song witten by a poet can make someone relax! But not mathematics "to the general public". But ofcourse i do agree(sometimes) upon a noble prize in mathematics... but adding such a prize may be "against" the will of Alfred Nobel... because he was the one to frame the prize and not me or you... further, I do believe it has MAJOR "indirect applications" which effects works in Physics, chem., Arch., and other Major sciences... So, the best i think that can be done is to increase the standards(i.e. selection criteria) and the prize amount of Fields prize at par to that of Nobel prize. I hope this explains it!! what do u say...?
  • true story of Alfred Nobel
    The story why Nobel Prize is not given for mathematics goes this way: Alfred nobel and swedish mathematician Gustav Mittag Leffler loved the same girl. Before the invention of dynamite, Nobel was not wealthy, while Leffler was a Professor of Mathematics in the Swedish University. Nobel lost his beloved to the mathematician. This bitterness remained in him and surfaced hen he made his will to use his wealth to award exellence in science and literature. He left out mathematics saying mathematics doesnot directy improve human life (but the trur reason was because he lost in love to a mathematician)
  • dear friends! let me make the thing more clear... i can agree that its virtually difficult for anyone to stand in this vast ocean of mathematics! but... what i mean to say precisely, is that "Nobel prize was started with the will of Alfred Nobel"... and NOT a committee/org./etc... and the rules were set by he himself... which we cannot change!!!
    But if its so badly required... then a saperate award for mathematics can be started with the same name i.e. "Nobel prize for Mathematics"... BUT without the logo of Alfred Nobel in the token of honour i.e. the one present in the medal. finally, i do hope that the issue is more clear... and that the suggestions are well understood... What's more important is the appreciation of various work done by researchers and on top mathematics by itself!! thanks a lot.
  • sorry if i was rude or something! but i mean... anyone would know that mathematics is not all that! i mean... literature makes a person relax? isnt that a very relative and a thing that is sooo dependent on the situation?
    and without mathematics there absolutely cannot be a strong base for any other accurate sciences....
    acc to me.. i think the reason has to do something with nobels personal affairs.... i have read it in more than dozen sources.
    and i mean seriously, the prize money does not count when u do kind of a brilliant research and when u do it for the love!

· No Nobel for Maths because...

Number of theories have been put forward to explain the omission of mathematics from Nobel's original list. The most colorful suggestion is that Nobel was miffed at mathematicians after discovering that his wife had had an affair with the Swedish mathematician Magnus Mittag-Leffler. Of all the theories, this is the easiest to dismiss, for the simple reason that Nobel never had a wife. Another oft-repeated suggestion is that Nobel hated mathematics after doing poorly in it at school. It may or may not be true that Nobel wasn't good at math, but there is no evidence to suggest that a negative high school experience in the math class led to a desire to get back at the mathematicians later in life by not giving them one of his prizes.

By far the most likely explanation, I think, is that he viewed mathematics as merely a tool used in the sciences and in engineering, not as a body of human intellectual achievement in its own right. He also did not single out biology, possibly likewise regarding it as just a tool for medicine, a not unreasonable view to have in the late 19th century.

  • Left to your opinion what do u say ?

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