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Saturday, February 23, 2008


In our Indian epic Mahabharatha, we come across a demonaic figure named 'JARASANDHA' . He had a boon that if he was split into two parts and thrown apart, the parts would rejoin and return to life. In fact, he was given life by the two halves of his body.
In the field of Mathematics, we have numbers exhibiting the same property as Jarasandha.

Consider a number of the form XC . This may split as two numbers X and C and if these numbers are added and squared we get the same number XC again i.e
XC ----(X+C)^2 = 10^n X +C =XC

81=(8+1)^2 = (10^1 x8)+1=81
9801=(98+01)^2 =99^2 =9801 =10^2x98+01=9801
3025=(30+25)^2 =55^2= 3025
2025=(20+25)^2 =45^2 =2025
88209=(88+209)^2=297^2 =88209

Can You find such numbers , please give such numbers

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